About Toledo

  The city of Toledo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986, is located on a rocky headland, bordered by the river Tajo in the very heart of Spain, just 70 kilometres from the capital, Madrid. Considered by many to be a “Second Rome”, Toledo is still very much a unique city. Unique in its details, history, culture and charm. Three cultures from three single-faith religions - Muslim, Hebrew and Christian - left their imprints on this sad rock and cradle of civilisations - as Cervantes wrote - embracing the Tajo, witness to the mark of all the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula.

 Churches, synagogues, mosques, convents, city walls, bridges, towers and an endless amount of cultural and artistic possibilities held in their buildings make Toledo a museum waiting to be discovered. Made to be walked along their long slopes and to be seen on the horizon, there are a large number of monuments in Toledo, surrounded by unforgettable spots and places that awaken sensations in the eyes of those who visit and those who have the good fortune to live there.